Customer Experience Guidelines

Payment Initiation

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Customers will use Open Banking products and services if their experience matches their expectations for ease of use, to inform their financial decisions. So the interface between TPPs and ASPSPs only introduce enough friction to provide the customer with control and trust.


Open Banking API specifications support Payment Initiation Services (PIS) that enable a PISP to initiate a payment order, with the PSU’s explicit consent, from their online payment account held at their ASPSP. The PISP is then further able to retrieve the status of a payment order. This section describes how each of the Participants (PISPs and ASPSPs) in the delivery of these services can optimise the customer experience for these services. Furthermore, it provides some clarifications to these Participants on the usage of the APIs which are not covered by the technical specifications, and some best practice guidelines for implementation of the customer journeys.

1FCA consultation on updated Approach to RTS and EBA guidelines under revised PSD2 and CEG Checklist Reference ref 21

Please note that ASPSPs do not need to support the initiation of certain payment methods described in this section by a PISP, where the ASPSP does not support such transactions through any of their own online channels (such as future dated foreign transactions and bulk payment files).

If the customer is able to initiate, for example, international payments, recurring transactions or a batch file of payments online, they should also be able to do so via a PISP, irrespective of the channel the customer has used to access the PISP1.