API Specifications

The Open Banking API Specifications consist of  5 distinct types of specifications. These include Read/Write API Specifications, Open Data API Specifications, Directory Specifications, Dynamic Client Registration Specifications and finally MI Reporting Specifications.

Read/Write API Specifications

Specification describing a collection of RESTful APIs that enable TPPs to access information and initiate payments for customers, by connecting to ASPSPs – securely, efficiently, and with customer consent.

Open Data API Specifications

Specifications allowing API providers (e.g. banks, building societies and ATM providers) to develop API endpoints which can then be accessed by API users (e.g. third party developers) to build mobile and web applications for banking customers.

Directory Specifications

Detailed technical information on how the Open Banking Directory works, and the roles and functions of each participant in the Directory.

Dynamic Client Registration (DCR) Specifications

Specification defining the APIs for TPPs to submit Software Statement Assertions to ASPSPs for the purpose of creating OAuth clients that are registered with ASPSPs.

MI Reporting Specifications

Specifications for MI Reporting of ASPSPs to Open Banking. MI specification includes detailed Data Dictionary and examples of MI reporting template.

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