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Operational Guidelines Changes: v3.1.11 to v4.0

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Operational Guidelines Changes: v3.1.11 to v4.0

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1Implementation of a new Open Banking Standard Breaking changes

New releases of the Open Banking Standard may introduce breaking changes when new functionality or fixes are introduced. This may include changes to the payload schema or the data contained within.

When implementing a new version, in-line with the guidance on Dual Running, ASPSPs should only accept new payload schemas for new consents and API calls.

There is no impact on existing AISP and CBPII long-lived consents, if consent is given in an older version and the AISP is accessing the information using the latest version. Participants should follow the guidance under the 'Backward and Forward Compatibility' section above.

Existing PISP long-lived consents, e.g. sVRP (Sweeping) and cVRP (commercial) that are created on an older version are not forward compatible and must be migrated to a new version when the implementation of the new version introduces breaking changes to the VRP consent. This must be done  without requiring the PSU to re-consent as it is a pure technical migration with payload and data structure changes.

If ASPSPs and TPPs do not move to the latest version at the same time then ASPSPs must support multiple versions of the Standard to enable the PISP to make payments from the older version they used to create the consent, hence the migration strategy. This does not mean that any of the data values in the existing consent provided by the PSU are changing.

Payload value matching and validation should be done at the data value level, as including payload schemas in validation routines may introduce additional challenges if existing fields are updated or new fields are introduced. The condition of making sure that the payment initiation is from the payment instruction setup by the VRP consent still applies.

Migration strategies

Changes to payload schemas where the enumerations might have changed from ISO full code name to code value may require additional steps to migrate existing consents to a new format. Approaches to migration will vary based on each ASPSP’s implementation and OBL will provide additional guidance and appropriate technical options within the Standard where a new release contains such changes.

TPPs should validate with individual ASPSPs of what migration strategy they support.
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