Dedicated Interface Requirements

This chapter provides guidance on the overall expectation for ASPSPs to demonstrate that their dedicated interface has been designed and tested in line with EBA requirements; that is has been appropriately stress tested; and to evidence wide usage by TPPs. OBIE deems this essential in order for ASPSPs to successfully deliver the necessary functionality for the Open Banking ecosystem and to facilitate the creation of seamless customer experiences, which do not constitute obstacles for the provision of TPP services. OBIE considers that the implementation of effective design and testing (including stress testing) and the creation of obstacle-free customer journeys will provide TPPs with the confidence to offer their service to their customers with the knowledge that an ASPSP’s dedicated interface will support rather than hinder the provision of their service. The EBA Guidance means that ASPSPs must ensure consistent engagement with TPPs within their design and testing processes so that issues are identified and rectified as early as possible. Robust stress testing will ensure that the dedicated interface is capable of dealing with not only anticipated demands but with higher-than-usual peak periods. Wide usage of the dedicated interface is required to show that it is capable of supporting a diverse set of TPP business models and use cases. OBIE has also briefly outlined what ASPSPs need to consider so as not to present obstacles to TPPs. This is covered more extensively within the Customer Experience Guidelines1.   1