Conformance Service and Tools

Dynamic Client Registration Conformance

An OBIE Dynamic Client Registration (DCR) Conformance Certificate allows an Implementer to demonstrate that they have successfully implemented all required functional elements of the Dynamic Client Registration Specification, passing all tests performed by the DCR Conformance Tool.


Number of Certificates needed

It is up to each Implementer as to how many Conformance Certificates they apply for.

For ASPSPs, each Certificate covers one base URL (e.g. This URL may include multiple brands and/or products, each with separate endpoints and data elements. It is up to the Implementer to ensure they have run and submitted sufficient tests which cover all relevant brands/products as part of their Certification Request.

An ASPSP may have other brands/products on separate base URLs which have the exact same functionality and may decide to declare that these bands/products are also covered by a single Certificate. However, OBIE will only publish the Certificate based on the single base URL submitted by the Implementer.

Conformance Certificates

BrandCertificateOrg TypeProfile VersionConformance Tool VersionDate SubmittedStatusNo. of FailuresPlanned Fix DateDate Passed
MettleMettle v3.3 2022ASPSPv3.3v1.3.004 Apr 2022 CERTIFIED1N/A21 Apr 2022 
United National Bank LimitedUnited National Bank Limited v3.3 2021ASPSPv3.3v1.3.004 Jan 2022 CERTIFIED0N/A06 Jan 2022 
Cater AllenCater Allen v3.2 2021ASPSPv3.2v1.3.009 Jul 2021 CERTIFIED0N/A19 Jul 2021 
Brand XExample Bank 2019ASPSPv3.2v1.0.011 Feb 2019 PARTIAL228 Feb 2019 n/a