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Consent & Data Sharing Management

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The role of Dashboards Customers Research tell us that dashboards are a critical tool to manage how their account information is accessed and the type of data which may be shared either under PSD2 and/ or GDPR and when they may be able to revoke their consent under PSD2.

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The following Consent Management Customer Journeys are described in the following pages:

1. AIS Consent Management Dashboard

2. Refreshing 90 Day Access

3. Stop onward sharing under PSD2 or exercising certain rights under GDPR

Conclusions from Open Banking Research:

“The access and consent dashboard are critical components of the Open Banking customer experience and act as a remote control for customers” – Ipsos MORI for Open Banking, November 2018

“Dashboards offer welcome control…. Clear expectation that revoking consent at bank or TPP should be sufficient to end interaction…” Ipsos Mori for Open Banking, Dec 2017

Stop onward sharing Customer Journey

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Note: This is a suggested customer journey. Should you wish to implement this journey you may need to consider other obligations under GDPR, as well as commercial arrangements with other parties. If the customer chooses to stop onward sharing then the impact this has on the service must be communicated clearly. This may be relatively minor, such as preventing the availability of a particular feature, or may be significant to the performance of the core service.