TPP Permissions & CASS Considerations

TPP permissions & CASS considerations

CASS participants are expected to inform customers that permissions for Third Party Providers (TPPs) to access to their payment accounts will not be transferred from their old account to their new account as part of the Current Account Switch Service.

The following wording is recommended and can be adapted to meet specific needs:

  1. Before you close your old account, check whether you have any Third Party Provider permissions set up and if so, who with.  You can see the permissions you have via the access dashboard.
  2. Once your new account is open, you will need to contact your Third Party Provider to enable access your new account by providing them with your new account details and following any further necessary steps, required by the Third Party Provider. You will need to contact the Third Party Provider directly yourself to set this up.
  3. If you are unsure as to whether your New Bank Current Account Provider will support the  Third Party Provider permissions on your account, you will need to discuss this ahead of your switch with your New Current Account Provider who will be able to advise you of this.

Please check your new provider’s terms and conditions for more information about Third-Party Providers permissions.