Operational Guidelines

The Operational Guidelines (“the OG”) and Operational Guidelines Checklist (“the OG Checklist”) have been designed to support ASPSPs with their request for an exemption from providing a contingency mechanism.

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Published 3 years ago 02 Mar 2020

Building on the RTS-SCA, the final EBA Guidelines and the FCA’s Approach documents1 which set out criteria, guidance and information requirements for ASPSPs seeking an exemption, the OG and OG Checklist provide recommendations to help ASPSPs demonstrate compliance with these regulatory requirements.


These recommendations are designed to help deliver an effective Open Banking ecosystem, meeting the needs of TPPs in providing services to PSUs.

Availability and performance

TPPs need to be able to rely on highly available and well performing dedicated interfaces provided by ASPSPs, so that they can in turn provide reliable services to their customers.

Dedicated Interface Requirements

Guidance for ASPSPs to demonstrate that their dedicated interface has been designed and tested in line with EBA requirements, that is has been appropriately stress tested and to evidence wide usage by TPPs.

Problem Resolution

Policies, procedures and systems that an ASPSP should create and embed to demonstrate effective problem resolution for TPPs using their dedicated interface and test facility.

Change and Communication Management

Change scenarios that may impact TPPs and guidance for an ASPSP to consider when implementing a change and communicating to TPPs.

Operational Guidelines Checklist

An essential tool enabling Participants to self-attest against key criteria identified within the Operational Guidelines. Participants answer specific questions to demonstrate conformance to the Operational Guidelines.

TPP Guidelines

These Operational Guidelines (OGs) help TPPs deliver innovative, competitive and secure products and services within the evolving Open Banking Ecosystem.

Change Log

A summary list of changes from V3.1.9 to V3.1.10. It indicates where changes have removed or added copy or functionality.