Issues and Disputes

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Published 1 year ago 31 May 2023

Maintaining the highest standards of service delivery, even when problems occur, is critical to provide a good customer experience and a well-functioning open banking ecosystem. This section provides guidance on issues and disputes, including customer complaints and infrastructural failures. TPPs should incorporate these into their operational capability.


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Current Issues Status

To share known issues with Participants, a public facing page can be found here:


As part of our continuous improvement initiative we are automating this page. Information will not be shared without the ticket owner’s permission.


ASPSP Issues: Downtime

Open Banking Ltd (OBL) operates a public facing ‘downtime’ page which can be found here:


It is populated automatically from content provided by Participants. Participants record planned and unplanned downtime, including intermittency. We conduct and end of month reconciliation on downtime tickets raised and availability MI provided by ASPSPs.


Issue Resolution

There are effectively two routes to issue and incident management:

Internal Open Banking Ltd (OBL) Incident Management

To raise an issue with Open Banking Ltd (OBL) directly, use the Jira Service Desk Process. This process is explained in greater detail in this PDF


External ASPSP Incident Management

An issue with an ASPSP or TPP should be raised directly with that Participant using the channels they make available.

Parallel Reporting

Under some circumstances, it is appropriate to raise a parallel ticket with OB (using the process referred to above). These tickets should mirror the ticket raised directly so that we have visibility of progress.

The circumstances under which parallel tickets are appropriate include:

Service Requests

Open Banking Ltd (OBL) have extended ticket types to include Conformance Certifications and Known ASPSP Issues. A service request can be made through the Open Banking Service Desk https://openbanking.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/1.

When using the Open Banking Ltd (OBL) Service Desk to communicate with other participants and raising, TPP must ensure that they do not share customer personal data or any data which may be considered confidential or commercially sensitive.

The ticket types for this are listed below:-

Customer Enquiry, Complaint and Dispute Process

Customers that engage in any open banking-enabled transactions such as account information services (AISPs) and payment initiation (PISPs)l may inevitably have enquiries, complaints and disputes particularly when an issue arises as a result of the transaction.

In this scenario, the customer may choose to contact the TPP or Account Servicing Payment Service Provider (ASPSP) to address their case, however, the said TPP or ASPSP may not have all the required information in hand to assist the customer. In this instance, it may be necessary for the TPP or ASPSP to need to connect to request or exchange information in the interest of supporting the customer.

Should the customer be dissatisfied with the outcome presented to them, the TPP or ASPSP interfacing with the customer may be able to refer the customer to the financial ombudsman service (FOS), alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or in some cases, to litigation.