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Change Log v3.1.11

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Operational Guidelines Changes: v3.1.10 to v3.1.11

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1Procedures, Processes and Systems for Problem Resolution
OBL Support
OBL Service Desk provides participants with a supplementary ticket management process and supports ASPSPs in communicating problems to ecosystem participants via the noticeboard. ASPSPs are recommended to use the OBL Service Desk which may provide additional evidence of an ASPSP’s effectiveness in resolving problems.

The OBL Dispute Management System (DMS) is a communication platform that helps organisations to collectively manage enquiries, complaints and disputes relating to PSUs, fairly and effectively. Version 2 of this platform (due in 2019) will allow all enrolled organisations to communicate with each other in a secure and timely manner. ASPSPs are encouraged to sign up to the platform to ensure efficient resolution of enquires, complaints and disputes relating, but not limited to, requests for information or exchange of information, requests for a redress repayment and complaints forwarding.
Internal review to remove DMS
2Across all Operational Guidelines pages
Dedicated Interface Requirements
The Operational Guidelines Checklist
The Operational Guidelines
Key Indicators for Availability and Performance
Key Indicators for Availability and Performance
Key Indicators for Availability and Performance (Performance)
Publication of Statistics
Design and Testing
Design and Testing (Testing Facility)
Wide Usage
Procedures, Processes, and Systems
Implementation of a New OBL Standard
Changes to an ASPSP's Infrastructure Configuration or Software
Notification of a Change
Replaced "OBIE" references with "OBL"Internal review to change organisation name from Open Banking Implementation Entity(OBIE) to Open Banking Limited (OBL)
3Key Indicators for availability and performance performanceOBL recommended benchmark
An average TTLB of 300 and a max of 500750 milliseconds per response.

This benchmark would not apply to complex corporate models, but rather simple account models only.
CR00031718 from HSBC

Updated CBPII response time based on IC feedback from participants