This chapter outlines the policies, procedures and systems that an ASPSP should create and embed in order to demonstrate effective problem resolution for TPPs using their dedicated interface and test facility. It focuses on issues that specifically impact TPPs, as set out in the RTS and EBA Guidelines.

RTS, Art 33(6) sets out the conditions that an ASPSP is required to meet in order to obtain exemption from the obligation to provide a contingency mechanism. RTS, Art 33(6)(d), in particular, requires ASPSPs to ensure that any problems with their dedicated interface are resolved without undue delay.

The EBA has outlined the practicalities of the RTS provisions in EBA Guideline 8. More specifically, an ASPSP must submit information to their NCA which demonstrates they have the applicable systems and procedures in place for tracking, resolving and closing problems, as well as an explanation of problems which were not resolved within its relevant service level targets. The PSRs Approach (17.172) has clarified that this explanation must include problems which occurred within the context of both testing and production of the dedicated interface.

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