Operational Guidelines

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Published 1 year ago 31 May 2023

The Operational Guidelines Checklist is an essential tool enabling Participants to self-attest against key criteria identified by the Operational Guidelines. Participants answer specific questions to demonstrate conformance to the Operational Guidelines.

Under Open Banking Ltd (OBL) Requirements, the following terms are used:

  • Required – participants must provide a response stated in column ‘OBL notes’ in order to confirm conformance1
  • Recommended – participants can self-attest conformance without implementing these items, however, they are strongly encouraged to implement them in order to enable the desired ecosystem outcomes as described in the Operational Guidelines

There are some items marked as “Recommended” but that have been marked as mandatory under the CMA Order and are therefore required for the CMA9 for PCA/BCA.

The FCA Questions marked in bold and blue relate to the FCA’s Questionnaire in their PS RTS Approach (pp. 52-57)

1The notes provided by Open Banking Ltd (OBL) are intended to be helpful guidance on how an ASPSP could respond to the question but are not required. Further, Open Banking Ltd (OBL) will not issue an OG Conformance Certificate unless a participant has received an exemption from their NCA and self-attested against the desired responses stated in the ‘OBL notes’ column.