Guidance on Change Management

OBIE will continue to publish new versions of the Open Banking Standard to cater for regulatory changes / clarifications, Open Banking Roadmap requirements and other approved changes including new functionality, fixing defects, and erratas. Publication will take place within appropriate timeframes to enable Participants to plan ahead and ensure the that they have adequate time to adapt to any relevant changes with their individual infrastructure.  

Introducing Change

ASPSP will provide TPPs with at least three months notice prior to introducing new changes or any updates to any component of the Open Banking Standard, regardless of whether these are major, minor or patch updates. However, there could be additional emergency implementation changes by ASPSPs (e.g. for reported security issues) without any such notice.

All changes reported by ASPSPs to OBIE will be communicated to the ecosystem by OBIE. TPPs should then make relevant changes to their code. TPPs should also ensure that thorough and effective testing of any change is done using the test facilities of ASPSPs.

For more details on Change Management, please refer to Sections Implementation of a new Open Banking Standard, Changes to an ASPSP’s Infrastructure, Configuration or Software and Notification of a Change of the OBIE Operational Guidelines.